One of many: End of The year Thoughts


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The end of year – thoughts. Here we are at the conclusion of another remarkable year. How did you do? I for one have not accomplished all that I set out to accomplish in 2013. Perhaps one or two of you can relate. I thought my business’s were going to be a lot further along than they are; I assumed that we would have put aside a bit more in the way of savings than we actually did; I’d hoped to travel a bit more than simply a trip to the market every now and again.

As I reflect on the days gone by I think about the time I spent being active yet not productive . . . yes there is a difference. I attended an incredible goals setting event recently. The information garnered at this workshop was priceless. I was forced to come to grips with the fact that a lot more goes into accomplishing things in the course of the year than simply “dreaming” about what may happen . . . someday. Has that ever happened to you . . . you talk to yourself about, ‘someday’? Someday I’ll go on that all expense paid vacation; someday I’ll eat like a king/queen; someday I’ll have that big fancy home; someday I’ll drive that Audi A8, Benz S Class or Lamborgini Aventador or in my case that Bugatti Veyron – Supersport or The Vitesse or even The Grandsport. Bugatti_Veyron_16.4_–_Frontansicht_(2),_5._April_2012,_Düsseldorf Bugatti_veyron_in_Tokyo bugatti-veyron-16.4-wallpapers_23290_1024x768 bugatti-veyron-33_1035

Well, here’s what I have come to understand, some people’s somedays, are other people’s EVERYDAYS. Think about that.

So, how is this possible? How can I graduate to the point where I can go to the restaurant and simply order food based on my appetite, and not my budget? How can I be excited, always, about paying the bills on time and not worry about having too much month left at the end of the money? Is there really a shortage, or have I just lulled myself into a sense of “they have and I have not”?

Here’s what keeps me going:

My belief is there is never a shortage of money, it just keeps changing hands. It keeps circulating, flowing, that’s why it is called currency. The quest then becomes finding creative, ethical, helpful and successful ways of attracting the right amount into my hands; and at the right time. Hmmmn, how to do this? More on this and goal setting in future posts.

For now lets just chew on these ideas, and start working on an actual plan for achieving that which we say we want to manifest in our lives. Remember when setting our goals they must be SMART: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely. We all have dreams, we all have ideas, we all have thoughts; lets consider bringing them into reality by turning them into actual goals and developing an action plan for their accomplishment. I for one am going to treat this next year as a gift, an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and to never look back. I’ve been given another opportunity to “get it right”; another year to be effective at planning and achieving something special in my life. There are those who were not given this chance – I will not squander, I will not delay, I know that my success is to be used as an example for others to follow so they too can MAKE things happen for themselves and their families. I EXPECT great things to happen this year. Maybe you feel the same way too.

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We are The Lyon and The Mouse, and We are a couple of BIG FANS of the spirit of life. We once heard that "If you change your mind, you can change your world". We've chosen to integrate this into our daily lives as one of our many foundational philosophies keeping us fresh and flexible during these ever-changing times. We believe that through love, faith, commitment, perseverance, laughter and joy, ALL things are possible. We are filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, adventure seekers, philanthropists, students, and connoisseurs of all things related to food, the good life and it's joyful ingestion. We are livingfunlovinglife. When Your Life Is Fulfilled The World Becomes A Better Place. So, Do Something Everyday That Makes You Happy!!!

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