We are The Lyon and The Mouse, and We are a couple of BIG FANS of the spirit of life.

We once heard that  “If you change your mind, you can change your world”.  We’ve chosen to integrate this into our daily lives as one of our many foundational philosophies keeping us fresh and flexible during these ever-changing times.

We believe that through love, faith, commitment, perseverance, laughter and joy,  ALL things are possible.  We are filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, adventure seekers, philanthropists, students, and connoisseurs of all things related to food, the good life and it’s joyful ingestion.  We are livingfunlovinglife.

When Your Life Is Fulfilled The World Becomes A Better Place. 

So, Do Something Everyday That Makes You Happy!!!

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  1. It’s definitely not too late to change. I’ve been taking a good hard look at me, focusing more on my gifts, and great things about me through and through. I’m relearning how to heal your body with nutrition via documentaries. Documentaries gives me discipline to take my eating habits seriously especially when I’ve recently watched my family member and good friend battle the big C. One lost her battle and one still in the hospital fighting for his life. I wish I knew what I know now to educate people on the effects of change, healthier choices. I also realize that I have to become a testimony to show people if I don’t have the credibility of a doctor. I’m passionate about learning about the food and healing industries/phenomenon / Life is good and I’m living it well. ness Beverly & Associates

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