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Think about your experience of those moments when you are most creatively engaged. What does it feel like? Being in a creative “flow” can be ecstatic and, simultaneously, there is an often surprising sense of urgency to bring into being that which you can sense is possible. That’s why great artists or scientists will work day and night, neglecting to eat or sleep. They are driven by a vision, something just beyond their reach that will not let them rest until they have brought it into reality. That drive is the very same impetus that caused the whole universe to burst forth, fourteen billion years ago, and is now expressing itself through the body, mind, heart, and talents of an inspired human being.

When you feel that creative flow, often you discover a part of yourself you are not normally aware of but which feels more like your “self” than the person you usually think you are. It’s like plugging in to a deeper source of energy and passion that transcends whatever limitations you ordinarily assume. A deeper, more authentic part of your self is creatively released. That’s why such moments are so fulfilling—it’s not just the creative work you produce, but the experience of being more alive, more connected, more in touch with a sense of meaning and purpose.

~By Andrew Cohen, Spiritual Teacher

Good Morning, The Mouse here.  I saw this on Facebook and thought it worthy of pressing into our blog.  It encompasses so much of what Living Fun Loving Life is all about.  It is the reason why I am always thinking about making art and perhaps the reason why I keep encountering obstacles that keep me from making it!

Our pastor, Dr. Therman E. Evans repeatedly teaches that the devil throws those obstacles in your way to prevent you from getting closer to the almighty God.  We are also taught that God puts those things in your path to prepare you for the success that you desire.  What do you think?  Does it matter?  How do you deal with the obstacles?

The Creative Flow