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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

(For the record, the commentary shared herein is intended to provide insight, discovery, and maybe even entertainment for the visitor. There is in no way any intent to provide, recommend or administer medical advice to the reader. That said . . .)



Thanks for tuning in on this Monday, January 4th, 2016 – The start of a remarkable New Year, and a remarkable New You. Now that that’s out of the way, have you ever heard someone tell their story about something that they were supposed to do or about an event that was supposed to happen but didn’t, and the story-teller says something to the effect of, “well, what had happened was (pause for effect) life just got in the way”? I hear this and I sometimes walk away shaking my head and saying to myself, huh . . . really? Is that so? That wins the argument – life got in the way? Okay, well in MY experience, I find the interesting thing about life is that it doesn’t ever ‘get in the way’, life just . . . happens.

So what exactly does this have to do with the price of lemons at Whole Foods? Not a thing, but it got me thinking about some of the interesting things that we say. Often times just going with the flow and not REALLY realizing the impact of the words we speak.

For the record, I’d like to preface my future comments with the following statement:

I have nothing against water or sugar, in their proper proportions.  You know, everything in moderation right? However, I begin to take umbrage. . . wait, is that the right word, umbrage?  Seems like the right word, we’ll go for it. I begin to take umbrage, when one takes a perfectly perfect piece of fruit, and tries to turn it into the brunt of an expression designed to implant seeds of lack and doubt into our subconscious minds by convincing us that we should try and take nature’s goodness and somehow make it better – as if we really could.

That said, have you ever heard someone say, “aw well you know whenever life throws you lemons . . . you make lemonade”?  Ya see there it is, lemons getting a bad rap. There’s even an entire law written around the newly purchased automobile that doesn’t perform as advertised. The implication is that something bad, ie. lemons, can be turned around to something good ie lemonade. Interesting right? Well when someone throws me lemons, I catch them, squeeze them and eat them, because lemons are good, and good for you. By the way, I like lemonade too.


Among the many valuable lessons that my mother instilled in me as a child, there’s one that really stands out. Mom used to say to me, “ . . .son, all that glitters is not gold”.   Mom knows I’ve always had expensive taste.  But here’s the point,  just because lemonade may have some, added sugar and it may taste sweeter. . . it doesn’t necessarily mean that sweeter is better. In fact in the case of lemonade, it might actually make things worse, what with the refined sugar and all.

I mean think about it, lemons are a fruit, right? They come to us naturally, through nature, right? They serve a purpose on their own merit as a valuable contributor to our creator’s big picture, right? And you can pick up a two pound bag of organic lemons for about only $4.99. Pretty cheap considering the upside potential.  Go ahead, ask your nutritionist or dietician about the benefits of fresh lemon. So why cast lemons in this disparaging light by creating this dichotomous relationship to lemonade?

Conspiracy?  Part of the grand deception?  Hmmmnnn???


Personally, we have found many ways to utilize fresh lemon as part of our daily routine because we’ve been told that adding lemon to water actually helps to alkalize the body, which is important when seeking to function at peak performance level, and becomes useful to us as we work on decalcifying our pineal glands. Our bodies function best when in an alkaline state versus an acidic state and lemons help to level the pH playing field.

If part of your “New Year New You (emphasis on the ‘New You’) Program”, is to make more slight edge decisions in the right direction, you might consider adding lemon water to your daily routine, it might make all the difference in the world in helping your body to help itself to an even better new you this year.

So lets take time every now and again and think about the things that we say, what they mean, and most importantly how those things might impact someone else, no matter how innocent and harmless the expression may seem.

And the next time life gives you lemons. . . . well, I think you know what to do.

All The Best, Highest and Best.

And remember . . .

When Your Life Is Fulfilled, The World Becomes A Better Place.

So, Do Something Everyday That Makes You Happy!



2016 – The Power of New & You




January 1, 2016



Welcome/Welcome back to Living Fun Loving Life dot com. The place to visit whenever you want to check in on a couple of happy-go-lucky forty something creative types, going for it ALL this year. Stretching to make their dreams come true, and stumbling their way to success by having fun, enjoying A LOT of laughter and creating plenty joyful experiences along the way.

So take a moment and think back on whether or not you have personally accomplished ALL or ANY of your to do list items from last year? I, Mark C. Hutchinson the first, can safely say I started clearing the dust off of my list of goals for 2015 sometime in late October. So this year, we have decided to make some positive changes – and get back to the essence of what Living Fun Loving Life is at it’s core.



We (The Lyon and The Mouse) created Living Fun Loving Life to be a useful resource for artists, actors, entertainers, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and the like, to take a peek behind the curtains and into the lives of two creative types, who are living in the same household working to follow their passion for the creative arts. All the while, trying not to get caught up in what Robert Kiyosaki refers to as “The Rat Race”.

12477210_1172680212749912_532438891_o 12458990_1172680182749915_1553955499_o

It seems that most of the adults we meet, who have a genuine interest in following their creative dreams, end up doing something ELSE in the mean time, while WAITING for that non specific “someday” to come around so that THEN, they can start doing that which they really love and want to do. Unfortunately, that “someday” becomes “maybe one day”, then so much time passes that “maybe one day”, eventually becomes none day. To paraphrase the late great Dr. Myles Munroe,  many people end up taking their dreams with them to the richest place on earth – not the diamond mines or the oil fields or even the gold reserves – but the cemetery.  Yep . . . think about that, the richest place on the planet. . . the cemetery. So many of the best designs, architecture, books, paintings, songs, sculptures, movies and ideas never get realized.  We simply take them right along with us, to the grave. This REALLY got me thinking. WHY is that the case for so many, and could it be the same for us too?

In the past, we have spent a SIGNIFICANT portion of our lives, trading that PRECIOUS commodity called TIME, for dollars; chasing after money rather than ACTUALLY creating the lives we TRULY want.

Happy to say, those days are gone. Perhaps you feel the same way. Although we have not yet arrived at the destination that we’ve chosen, we are a long way from where we were at the start. Here we are now, sharpening and sharing the tools, resources and processes that have helped us to this point; and maybe, just maybe some of this may be of value to you too. Here’s a hint: (sotto) “for us it started with the decision to focus on living fun and loving life”.


12469914_1172684669416133_976704537_o 12465692_1172684779416122_1550487015_o


What can we really say about 2015? Like any of the years gone by, this one seems to have come and and in the blink of an eye . . . was gone . . . just like THAT! What’s interesting to us is that, likely before you can say “REPOST THIS” 2016 will have come and gone as well. So what are we to do? Make the same old resolutions, same old promises, same old “commitments” – only to end the year scratching our heads and wondering where in the world  the time has gone and what do we REALLY have to show for it? Do we sit back and let life just run its course without any input from us as to where we want to go? I should think not.   Lucky for us, we have plenty of practice at what not to do. We know how to take a punch; how to get knocked down, and how to get back up with more love, more joy, more peace and more compassion, while wearing a couple a big ole’ “we’re still here” smiles on our faces.  Can you relate?  Going back in time and taking an honest look at our journey thus far, we’ve come to realize that in some areas WE were in fact doing many of the same things, over and over and over and over again, year in and year out and experiencing the same less than stellar outcome over and over and over again. Yeah that’s right. A living, breathing embodiment of the very definition of insanity; doing the same things, repeatedly and expecting different results. So, as we’ve heard many times preached from the pulpits of success around the world, “if you want something different, you will have to do something different”.  And so it is with us this year. The decision has been made. The line is drawn in the sand and the gauntlet has officially been thrown to the ground. ‘THUD’! We will WIN this year, and we will WIN BIG. And guess what? The we is you . . . and you are we, and together this year’s journey begins; quite frankly, we are happy to have some company.



Did you know that in marketing and advertising circles, there is a phenomenon known as “the power of new”? Take Coca-Cola for instance. They have a new beverage, with a fancy new green label promoting it’s use of cane sugar and stevia leaf extract; called ‘Coca-Cola Life’.  Same company, possibly the same old beverage, yet a brand new look and feel for the new year. This will likely breathe new life into the company and create the momentum to drive an increase in sales. Pretty cool.

When a company wants to breathe new life into a product, organization, project or service they may opt to semi-reinvent themselves in order to keep their proposition on the forefront of everyone’s mind (top of mind awareness) by changing the look, updating the logo or colors or even sometimes changing the name. This approach serves to capture the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of supporters and consumers who are just itching for a “new” place to spend their rapidly depreciating dollar bills. It works. I suspect to the tune of billions . . . yes with a ‘b’, of dollars in revenue. Think of how a company’s overall value rises when they are able to increase revenue and meet or exceed projections and expectations.


Now imagine if we, as everyday citizens of life, applied this philosophy and approach in our own lives.  Like . . . right now, like effective THIS moment of THIS year, 2016. How much would our true VALUE increase when we are able to breathe new life into OUR projects, OUR goals? How would you feel waking up everyday if you could truly breathe NEW LIFE into your DREAMS, reinvent yourself and create a whole “new you”? What if you could apply the power of new, to YOUR life? Well you REALLY can, and the time to take action is NOW.  Simply saying it’s a new year and talking about the changes may not be enough. Becoming a new you . . .  now that’s the stuff to write home about.





LOTS of good, new . . . stuff. 12458673_1172684529416147_1003047900_o

We will update this site consistently throughout the year starting with monthly AND possibly weekly featured entries and updates. This might be a spotlight on health, a review of one of our favorite television shows or movies, a selection from our preferred reading list, a suggested restaurant review, or any one of many other living fun loving life centric features we’ve developed for you along the way. We’ll even make an effort to include entries that are in alignment with some of our personal and professional goals.  Be sure to check out our video snippets and features as well. And for those who can truly appreciate the entrepreneurial pursuit, we will have spotlights trained on some of the available home-based business options that resonate with us the most. We’ll have interviews with industry professionals, we’ll discuss what works and why, and show you how we are utilizing passive income streams to free up the TIME desired to move from simply doing the things we have to do . . . to doing the things we WANT to do. With all this and so much more at your disposal, perhaps you too can make a positive difference in your own life, and the lives of your family and friends THIS YEAR, two thousand and sixteen and beyond.12469889_1172686116082655_1197461171_o

So lets make this year truly THE BEST YEAR EVER, together.  Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this post.  Thank you for being a part of our world, and for allowing us to be a part of yours.

 And remember . . .

“When Your Life Is Fulfilled, The World Becomes A Better Place.

So, Do Something Everyday That Makes You Happy”.


Read This and Save yourself Some Time


Do you all remember “The Secret”?

There is a line from that movie something to the effect of “I’m always amazed how that I line up car parks”. (spoken with a pseudo-Austrailian accent) How many of you who drive, seem to always get your desired parking space? I used to think I was just lucky, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I am actually visualizing and creating the space that I want. It seems to work well for me in traffic also. Anyway, I am on my way to the post office to test my theory once again. Usually when I go, I find myself in a free space or a metered space that has some time left on it. Today, I’m also going to find and feed a random parking meter so that someone else can get a “free” space too. Stay tuned . . .

Well, let me tell/show you how it all panned out.
So here I am driving on my way to the post office, and I am trying to focus on the proper parking space and its timely availability.  However my mind starts to wander.  Has that happened to any of you? Thinking about one thing and some other seemingly unrelated thought creeps into the foreground of your mind?  So as I’m driving along the side streets of Newark, Hillside,  Elizabeth and Linden, I am reminded somehow of the pedestrian cross walk rule.  Maybe because there are some here in New Jersey that don’t always honor it. I remember it was many many many many years ago, while living in Boston, when I was first introduced to the concept of vehicles having to stop for pedestrians in the cross walk; it took some getting used to but I eventually caught on. Time after time and these placard type signs just kept popping up at   EVERYWHERE. I wonder how Bostonians are making out with that pedestrian cross walk rule these days.  Hmmnnn, I digress. We’ll have to blog about this later.  Anyway, I regain my focus and start concentrating on the parking space that I want.  I actually had two separate spaces in mind and surprisingly enough when I arrived . . . both spaces were occupied.  But here’s the good news.

Just as I predicted

There was an available space for me to pull right into a short distance from the post office.  I had to jump out of the car and snap this photo quickly before some other needy person pulled in, but I got the space.

So, you wanna hear some more good news?

Look at that, time still on the meter.

Pretty neat huh?  Someone left this space/meter just for me.  So as promised I decided to spread the LOVE, and here’s what I found . . .


Right next to me I found this. And keeping in the spirit of a quote from one of my favorite films  . . . “Doctor, always do the right thing”, I dropped a coin into the slot.

Feels Good

There, done.

Here’s the interesting thing.  The two spaces that I visualized being available, became available while I was feeding this meter .  And that is The Brighter Side of Life.
Any time you feel stirred or nudged to do something nice for someone else, even if it is a total stranger, don’t hesitate, ACT.  You never know when that same act of kindness returns to you or someone you love . . . just because.  That’s all for now.  Stay in touch.  Peace and Love, Lyon.