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Feeling Pretty Good, How ‘Bout You?


Friday, JANUARY 15, 2016

Lyon Speaks: Yeah, I know it’s actually Saturday.

Welcome to Living Fun loving Life the blog. It was recommended to me recently that we try posting on Fridays, you know end of the week type thing.   So this is the first time posting on  a Friday, lets see if it sticks. Here we go, Feel Good Friday.

I thought I’d keep this first Friday post of the year, short and simple, so I say to you simply . . . that I feel good today. I figure since we are all somehow connected to each other through what quantum physicists might refer to as entanglement, I bet you feel pretty good too. That said, how do you feel today?

Let me take the time now to say THANK YOU to all who have impacted our lives in some way. My wife Lauren and I appreciate ALL of you for your participation in our constant unfoldment, and for attaching your experiences to ours: Even through doing something as simple as reading this post. In the coming weeks we will share more on the specific impact that some of you have had on our lives, but for now please receive and enjoy the post born day comments from today.


And remember . . .

“When Your Life Is Fulfilled, The World Becomes A Better Place.

So, Do Something Everyday That Makes You Happy”.

Friday, January 15, 2016

As I sit here typing this post, having now entered my 17,522nd day in this earthly realm (leap years not withstanding) I must admit that I am truly thankful and appreciative to all of you who took the time over the past couple of days to share a warm hello and happy birthday greeting with me.

It may seem like a small thing, but often times, even the little things can mean so much to someone else; more than you know. Truth is, you didn’t HAVE to do it, you made the CHOICE to do it, and for this, I share my gratitude with you.

I’ve noticed that there are those who will at times be critical of Facebook and it’s interwovenness into the fabric of our daily lives, citing it’s tendency to separate and keep us hidden behind our keyboards and smartphones, and even devaluing the ‘face-to-face’ experience. Not sure if I fully buy into that. For me, seeing the Happy Birthdays and well wishes, has served as a reminder to me that FB actually really makes the world smaller place; allowing me, if only for a moment to go back in time and reflect happily on moments and experiences that I’ve shared with many of you throughout the years.   Thank You.

Reliving these memories, has brought a smile to my face, and has served to warm the cockles of my heart once again, and no matter what happens THOSE memories and experiences can’t be taken away . . . ever. By the way, I’m not really sure what a cockle is, but mine is now warm thanks to each of you.

I believe we are all one, part of a much bigger picture, connected in ways we may never fully understand. To that end, when YOU share the love, it ALWAYS comes back to you in some special way.   So to ALL of the friends within this Facebook community, allow me to reciprocate the love by saying. . .


I tip my hat,

and toast to you,

because this Birthday post,

is for your Birthday too.

All the Best, Highest and Best – Hutch