Think about your experience of those moments when you are most creatively engaged. What does it feel like? Being in a creative “flow” can be ecstatic and, simultaneously, there is an often surprising sense of urgency to bring into being that which you can sense is possible. That’s why great artists or scientists will work day and night, neglecting to eat or sleep. They are driven by a vision, something just beyond their reach that will not let them rest until they have brought it into reality. That drive is the very same impetus that caused the whole universe to burst forth, fourteen billion years ago, and is now expressing itself through the body, mind, heart, and talents of an inspired human being.

When you feel that creative flow, often you discover a part of yourself you are not normally aware of but which feels more like your “self” than the person you usually think you are. It’s like plugging in to a deeper source of energy and passion that transcends whatever limitations you ordinarily assume. A deeper, more authentic part of your self is creatively released. That’s why such moments are so fulfilling—it’s not just the creative work you produce, but the experience of being more alive, more connected, more in touch with a sense of meaning and purpose.

~By Andrew Cohen, Spiritual Teacher

Good Morning, The Mouse here.  I saw this on Facebook and thought it worthy of pressing into our blog.  It encompasses so much of what Living Fun Loving Life is all about.  It is the reason why I am always thinking about making art and perhaps the reason why I keep encountering obstacles that keep me from making it!

Our pastor, Dr. Therman E. Evans repeatedly teaches that the devil throws those obstacles in your way to prevent you from getting closer to the almighty God.  We are also taught that God puts those things in your path to prepare you for the success that you desire.  What do you think?  Does it matter?  How do you deal with the obstacles?

The Creative Flow

Funny Thing


While making my way this morning from the living room to our dining area, I had the pleasure of WHACKING my ankle on the pointed tip of one of the bent oak rocker plates of our spindle backed rocking chair. OUCH!!! It got me thinking about a subject that my wife and I have discussed on one or more occasion; that of stubbing your toes. How many of you have ever stubbed your toes? I mean really stubbed your toes? Sometimes it can be quite painful. Right? We once went through a toe stubbing stretch that got so bad that we asked ourselves. do we really really really need that pinky toe? What is it good for other than crumpling on impact with the most obscured household objects . . .why not just cut it off? Is it really good for anything other than getting in the way? So the question I pose to you today is this. Would you consider cutting off your little toe to avoid the pain and embarrassment associated with stubbing it? Let us know

The Mouse Here


Hi! I have so much to share. Please bear with me as I find my niche. Should I only blog about my journey as an artist? Shall my entries be an art journal? Shall they be random thoughts and realizations about life and the journey that Mark wrote about in the earlier post? livingfunlovinglife our way of sharing our journey with the world. We have met many people who appear to be going through life robotic-ally and without passion. We aim to inspire and motivate others to not only pursue the passion that they already have, but to also spark something that has seemingly been lying dormant for others. Now Mark, …ehem.. I mean Lyon, believes that we as a couple are entertaining and that we will soon have a following of folks who tune in to our escapades just for the purpose of living vicariously through us or perhaps more likely, to have a good laugh. Oh the pressure of it all! That makes me self-conscious. Am I being funny yet?  Ahhh!  I have to set my mind straight. I have to just be and begin. So I will start with an art journal of sorts. Currently I am working with polymer clay and paper clay. These are both relatively new materials for me. Also, I am working on very small projects which is also a new scale to me. So, I feel as though I am born again as an artist. Just learning to sit up and crawl. I feel great about it though! What an exciting place to be! I know that my past experiences and muscle memory will enable me to eclipse the learning curve rapidly and that within a few months MouseSculpts  ( the name of my studio ) will have a portfolio that showcases my great talent and style! ( That’s my affirmation 😀 ) When that happens I will  dedicate a page on this site for my creations and studio. I will also have an Etsy shop, and will upload images of my work on http://mousesculpts.deviantart.com/  among other places. So be on the lookout! In the meantime you can follow our blog and see the many journal entries I make about my process and other hoo-ha!

Well, Here We Are


The missus and I are finally, thankfully, JOYFULLY learning how to use this blog site.  So, please bear with us as we embark on a journey that has been a long time coming.  For those of you who have been following us on Twitter; and those of you who have friended us on FB or have expressed an interest in learning more about what it is we do . . . here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Like the song says “We’re comin’ out . . . we want the world to know, got to let it show”.

Today is the twelfth day of February in the two thousand and twelfth year of our Lord, and we are excited to be here.  As are all of you we’re sure.  Consider all it took for you to make it to this point, to this very moment in space and time. All the odds you had to face, all the obstacles you had to overcome, and all the $^%*&*  you had to go through to get here . . . whew, thankfully you made it.

To those of you out there in the blogosphere who are clamoring for a livingfunlovinglife.com website.  Coming soon.  For now, lets take the time to get to know each other a little better.  Share your thoughts with us about the issues of the day.  Spread the word about  a good restaurant you visited or a great movie or television show you recently watched (we prefer comedies).  Tell us about a self improvement course you’ve taken, or a great book you may have read.  Our inquiring minds want to know.

Oh yeah, by the way we are the Mouse and The Lyon and we are livingfunandlovinglife every day every night now and forever, and we approve this message.